Hanna Gender Center


Zero Depth Vaginoplasty

Individuals who wish to have an outward-appearing vagina without the desire for penetrative intercourse can elect to have a valvuloplasty or zero-depth vaginoplasty. For this procedure, existing genital tissue is used to create a clitoris, labia majora, and labia minora. If you would prefer, we can create a small, minimal depth vaginal canal during this procedure.

Many people choose zero depth bottom surgery because it typically requires less maintenance than a standard vaginoplasty for durable, long-term results. Decide if this type of MTF genital surgery is the right choice for you and your goals with the following information.

Working Towards Your Goals

Dr. Hanna works to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for every patient who enters our facility. If you’re considering a zero-depth vaginoplasty, you might be worried about shaving and prepping for your procedure. Don’t give this another thought, as we don’t require shaving the area. Typically, this procedure takes 3-4 hours, and we’ll provide you with specialized aftercare instructions to ensure the best possible results.

Schedule a consultation to receive personalized guidance for zero-depth bottom surgery that’s appropriate to your situation.

Surgery Techniques

During a zero-depth vaginoplasty, Dr. Hanna will be rearranging the tissues from your scrotum and penis to create the exterior aesthetics of a vagina, as well as a functional urethra. This procedure will utilize a number of surgical techniques that will be determined by Dr. Hanna based on your current genital layout, medical history, and personal preferences.

Our team does the utmost to adhere to your transition goals and provide a safe environment for you to explore your options. Learn more about our facility and surgeon when you read our FAQ to help you decide if Hanna Gender Center is the right place for you.