Hanna Gender Center

Penectomy Surgery

A penectomy is the removal of the penis. You can have a partial or total penectomy procedure to meet your gender affirmation goals. While we typically perform penectomy surgeries along with other male-to-female or non-binary gender-affirming procedures, a penectomy can be performed alone. Learn more about our non-binary bottom surgery options to decide whether a penectomy fits in with your goals.

Achieving Your Goals

Every procedure we offer at Hanna Gender Center is fully customizable to meet your needs. When it comes to penectomy surgery, we offer this procedure for both transitioning women and non-binary individuals.

If you’re considering a penectomy as part of your male-to-female transition, you’ll likely need to consult with our team about the next steps, including vaginoplasty and other feminizing procedures. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our surgeon, Dr. Dany Hanna, to ensure you develop the best treatment plan for your needs.

For those who are undergoing a penectomy as a non-binary bottom surgery, this is likely the final step in your transformation and the last procedure you’ll have. Trust in our patient-centric approach to ensure the best possible results for your transition.

Penectomy Surgery Techniques

During a penectomy, we will remove both the external and internal portions of your genitalia to best align with your specific goals. Furthermore, our surgeon will also reroute your urethra to a location in the perineum to ensure you can still urinate.

While the penectomy procedure solely targets the penis, Hanna Gender Center does offer the removal of the testicles and scrotum, as well. This procedure is called a nullification and can be done simultaneously instead of in several stages. Schedule a penectomy surgery consultation today to discuss personalized options for you.