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Genital Surgery

Trans and non-binary genital surgery are performed to create an alignment between body and identity. You have you own image of perfection; we are here to help you achieve it. We can modify your genital procedure to fit your goals. 


An orchiectomy is an outpatient surgical procedure which involves removal of the testicles via small midline scrotal or inguinal incision.  This is a same-day, outpatient procedure and is typically performed under general anesthesia.

This procedure can reduce or even eliminate the need for hormone therapy, simplifying the transition/maintenance process.


A scrotectomy involves removal of the scrotum/scrotal sac. This procedure can be performed at the same time as your orchiectomy, or after.

If you prefer, we can also testicular sparing scrotectomy. We would create special, well-hidden pouch which would contain your testicles while removing the scrotal sac.


A penectomy is removal of the penis. While typically performed along with other procedures, penectomy can be performed alone. If you prefer to remove the penis along with the testicles and scrotum, this procedure is called a nullification.