Hanna Gender Center

Trans Women

Genital Surgery

Male-to-female (MTF) bottom surgeries are feminizing procedures designed to create an alignment between your body and gender identity. At Hanna Gender Center, we know how vital male-to-female genital surgery can be to help you affirm your gender. Our team offers a variety of techniques that can be modified to fit your desired outcome.

Customized Treatment Plans

When you work with the Hanna Gender Center on your MTF bottom surgery, you’ll discover a clinic that encourages a patient-centric approach to put your needs first. Dr. Hanna and his team can create a customized treatment plan to address all your goals. Explore our surgery options today to discover which combination of procedures will work best for you.

MTF Bottom Surgery Techniques

We offer transgender orchiectomy procedures to remove the testicles through a small midline scrotal or inguinal incision. As an outpatient procedure, we perform orchiectomy surgeries under general anesthesia, and you’re free to go home that day. With an orchiectomy, you can expect to reduce or eliminate the need for hormone therapy to simplify your transition.

This MTF bottom surgery removes the scrotum and scrotal sac. This procedure can be performed at the same time as your orchiectomy, or after. If you prefer, we can also do a testicular sparing scrotectomy, which creates a special, well-hidden pouch to contain your testicles while removing the scrotal sac.

A penectomy is a male-to-female genital surgery that completely removes your penis. While typically performed along with other procedures, it can also be performed alone. If you’re interested in removing the penis along with the testicles and scrotum, this procedure is called a nullification.

Call to book a consultation with Dr. Hanna and discuss your goals to ensure we create the best plan to achieve the results you want.