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Trans Men

Female-to-Male (FTM) Metoidioplasty

An FTM metoidioplasty is a gender-affirming procedure for the lower body that’s designed to construct a phallus from existing genital tissue. This procedure is often desired by trans men, but is also performed on non-binary patients. Generally, a metoidioplasty surgeon will cut the ligaments around the clitoris to create a penis from existing genital tissue. Cutting the ligaments releases the clitoris from the pubis to provide more length. In ideal surgical conditions, you can expect an added length of 4-6 cm from this meta bottom surgery.

Compassionate Care

At Hanna Gender Center, we strive to provide supportive, personalized care to all of our patients. When you choose female-to-male transgender surgery with us, you will receive patient-centric care that ensures your comfort and confidence.

Post-surgery, Dr. Hanna and his team will give you clear instructions on post-operative care–including how long to refrain from strenuous activity and intercourse–to ensure the best results. Both oral and written care instructions are available, so you know what to do in the days to follow. In some cases, we recommend a short stay at our facility as part of your recovery from FTM metoidioplasty.

Surgery Techniques

Dr. Hanna will help guide you on your journey through this FTM metoidioplasty procedure with a tailored approach based on your anatomy and goals. We offer a single-stage technique with numerous variations, including:

This procedure can be done in conjunction with the metoidioplasty depending on the patient’s goals. During this procedure the native urethra is lengthened to the tip of the phallus in order for the patient to urinate from the tip of the phallus.

This technique is also known as simple meta since it involves only releasing the clitoris from the surrounding tissue but does not alter the patient’s urethra or vagina.

Patients who desire a scrotum can choose to have a scrotoplasty in addition to the metoidioplasty. This surgery utilizes the native tissue of the labia majora to create a natural looking scrotum. For those patients who prefer a larger scrotum than their native tissue will achieve, this can be done using tissue expansion prior to the scrotoplasty.  

Dr. Hanna performs this procedure in addition to the scrotoplasty after it has fully healed. Silicone implants are used to achieve a natural look and feel for the patient.

A vaginectomy is often performed in conjunction with a metoidioplasty. This procedure involves removing the vaginal lining and closing the vagina.

Dr. Hanna does not perform this specific procedure. This specific procedure can be performed by one of Dr. Hanna’s community partners.

Depending on the specific variations of meta bottom surgery you prefer, your procedure can be conducted as outpatient or may require a short post-operative stay in our facility. If you have any questions for our metoidioplasty surgeon, please reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanna.