Hanna Gender Center


Gender-Affirming Surgery Letter

Also known as a Letter of Readiness, a gender-affirming surgery letter from a mental health professional is a prerequisite for most procedures we conduct at the Hanna Gender Center.

Whether you’re a psychologist hoping to refer a patient to our facility or a counselor helping someone explore their transition options, we’re here to guide you with the information you need. Learn more about our procedures and surgeons here.

Working with the Hanna Gender Center

Once your patient has asked how to get a gender reassignment surgery, you know they’re getting serious about working through their transition. At Hanna Gender Center, we work exclusively with non-binary and transgender individuals (both MTF and FTM) to help them get the gender-affirming treatment they need.

In addition to ensuring they’re mentally ready for the procedures we offer, we also comprehensively discuss a patient’s preferred goals during our consultations to develop a patient-centric plan that ensures the best possible results.

Some of the most common procedures we offer include:

Some patients may undergo just a single gender-affirming surgery, while others opt for a combination of procedures to achieve their goals.

Letter Requirements

Whether it’s a top surgery letter or a general gender-affirming surgery letter, the requirements are the same. We need a mental health professional to confirm that the patient has persistent gender dysphoria and has been living as their preferred gender without reversion. We accept gender-affirming surgery letters from all behavioral health professionals, sometimes in conjunction with a letter from an endocrinologist, internist, or family practitioner.

If you have any questions or concerns about these requirements, please reach out to our team today.