Hanna Gender Center

Trans Women

Breast Augmentation

At Hanna Gender Center, you can expect specified expertise in male-to-female (MTF) top surgery, vaginoplasty, and non-binary procedures that are exclusively for individuals of the LGBTQ community. When it comes to MTF breast augmentation surgery, you’ll find that our clinic’s approach focuses on creating a natural final appearance. While estrogen can assist with breast development, some patients prefer to undergo breast augmentation to achieve even more feminized results.

Patient Focused Results

Choosing your preferred breast implants is an essential part of MTF breast augmentation surgery. During your consultation and subsequent appointments, we’ll discuss saline vs. silicone implants, your desired implant size, various implant shapes, and incision patterns. While we do our best to accommodate your preferences, your body type and specific situation may sometimes dictate your ideal choices. During your consultation with Dr. Hanna, you’ll learn which male-to-female top surgery procedures will generate the best results for you.

Breast Augmentation Techniques

Inframammary Incision

This top surgery technique involves making a short incision underneath the breast tissue in what is called the inframammary fold. The resulting scar from this MTF top surgery is typically thin and about 1-2 inches in length.

Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanna to learn more about our procedures and ensure the best possible MTF top surgery plan today.