Hanna Gender Center

Hair and Skin Services

Your gender transition doesn’t end with your surgery and we strive to offer comprehensive care with services that target your hair and skin goals.

Transgender hair removal

Hair Removal

Achieve your desired hair growth goals with our state-of-the-art laser hair removal.

skin tone and texture treatments

Skin texture and pigment services

We offer laser toning to improve the texture and tone of your skin and stimulate new collagen. 

advanced medical hydrofacials

Advanced Hydrofacials

Our hydrofacials are medical facials with a range of treatment options including peels and supporting products.

Our Gender-Affirming Spa Services

Undergoing transgender and non-binary surgeries is only one option available to those who want to feel aligned with their body. At our gender-affirming medical spa, we offer services specifically designed to support our patients on their unique journeys. From hair restoration treatments to medical grade facials, our services are offered by our team of mindful professionals to create a comfortable space for all patients.

Advanced Technology and Equipment

We know surgical procedures are only one option for those looking to transition or ease gender dysphoria, which is why we offer spa services to work separately or in conjunction with our gender-affirming surgeries. All our medical spa services are performed with the most advanced technology to ensure the best possible results. Learn more about the equipment we use for our laser services, facials, and injectable procedures.

Lutronic Clarity II

The Lutronic Clarity II system can target even the finest hair for efficient and gentle hair removal on many parts of the body. Most often used for hair removal, this state-of-the-art laser offers even more applications including: anti-aging, hyperpigmentation/melasma, and even scar reduction. The laser’s gentle technology paired with our team’s compassionate care provides effectives results for all our patients regardless of where they are on their journey.


With this advanced medical facial, patients receive highly customizable treatments ranging from light to medium peels and a number of supportive products. This hydro dermabrasion technology is more gentle than other treatments, yet still penetrates deeply to provide lasting results. Hydrafacial treatments can be as quick or in-depth as your goals require to provide a refined and healthy complexion.

Hanna Gender Center is Here for You

At our medspa in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we offer a comprehensive selection of medical spa services to help you feel more beautiful and comfortable as a person. We are committed to creating a comfortable space to help our patients feel more confident in their bodies. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your goals with our team and create a personalized plan that works for you.