Hanna Gender Center

Entirely Dedicated To Transgender and Non-Binary Surgery.

A premier gender affirming surgical practice whose sole mission is to provide the best care available to transgender and non-binary patients. The Hanna Gender Center combines the latest surgical techniques with a patient centric approach and expertise .

The Hanna Gender Center was established to provide excellent surgical care for a historically underserved community.

The Hanna Gender Center was established to provide excellent surgical care exclusively for the transgender and non-binary community, which has been historically underserved. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we proudly serve the TGNB community in the greater Texas region, as well as patients from across the United States.

Why Choose the Hanna Gender Center?

At the groundbreaking Hanna Gender Center, you become part of our family from day one. Dr. Hanna is a highly-skilled independent practitioner who treats the whole patient using a holistic, patient-centric model. He guides you every step of the way and is involved in all aspects of your care from start to finish.

Hanna Gender Center utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to ensure exceptional results. We tailor male-to-female, female-to-male and non-binary procedures to align with your gender identity. Seeing your smile when the dressings come off is our greatest reward.

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