Hanna Gender Center

Trans Women

Male-to-Female (MTF) Surgeries

Depending on where you are in your gender-affirming journey, the next step after hormone therapy and counselor guidance may be a male-to-female transgender surgery. These are procedures that help your exterior match your interior self even more closely. Depending on your needs and the capacity of your body, we can work with you to bring yourself to life. Learn more about the MTF surgeries we offer here.

Male-to-Female Transgender Surgery Options

If you’re considering MTF surgery in Dallas, choose a clinic that offers compassionate care and a patient-centric approach. At the Hanna Gender Center we have created a welcoming environment with a number of innovative procedures to suit your needs.


This type of procedure takes your phallus and inverts it to create a vagina. We offer single-stage penile inversion, robotic peritoneal vaginoplasty, zero-depth vulvoplasty, and bowel interposition vaginoplasty.

Genital Surgery

Genital surgery is a general term that can be used to categorize several male-to-female transgender surgery procedures, including orchiectomy, scrotectomy, penectomy. Each of these surgeries shapes your genitals in a different way to meet your goals.

Breast Augmentation

Similar to implants, a breast augmentation inserts additional material to contour and shape the chest. Your current chest structure will dictate the maximum size of breast and nipple we can achieve in this procedure.

A Personalized Approach

Dr. Hanna takes every one of your concerns and desires into consideration when helping you plan your physical transition. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanna today for more information about your specific MTF surgery needs.